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ROBLOX is a massive multiplayer online game (MMO) that invites you to create your own worlds using all kinds of blocks. You can also join worlds created and managed by other users worldwide.

The controls in ROBLOX are perfectly adapted for touchscreens. It's really easy to look for a game, enter it, and move your character around the map to perform different actions. You can also customize your character and give it a completely unique look.

Just like in the desktop version, you can use real money to buy a bunch of different items. The free version of the game is somewhat limited, but it's still absolutely enjoyable.

ROBLOX is a really fun MMO, perfect for nourishing your imagination. It has great graphics and works perfectly on Android.
By Beatriz Escalante
The Roblox phenomenon: The sandbox with 90 million active users

Often the label sandbox gets slapped on video games that it doesn't belong on. We're talking about a proper sandbox if it lets you manipulate your environment to play with your creations. By this definition, Minecraft IS a sandbox, but a GTA is not. Roblox is a top-tier sandbox, but its origins are much humbler. This 3D game development environment has an enormous community of developers and players, and its Android version is among the top downloads on that OS for a ton of different countries. It's not for nothing that it's currently got more than 90 million active users.
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Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher